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 Bob Janitz

Professional Résumé Writer • Career Strategist

President, The National Résumé Writers Association

Federal Résumés

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Today's job market is an incredibly competitive arena. Companies are reducing their workforce and jobs are hard to come by.

There is good news, though - the government is hiring - more than 350,000 jobs in the next few years. But the challenge is applying for the federal job with the correct, focused federal résumé… finding a job announcement that can match your qualifications. I can apply my 10 years of federal résumé writing experience help you identify open positions which match your education and expertise, the federal résumé, Questionnaires, USAJOBS, “how to apply” and getting through the process without being overwhelmed.

The federal hiring process can be a complex challenge. I am committed to helping my clients identify and apply for federal government positions.
I will review your professional experience along with the federal job announcement to ensure that you meet all minimum qualifications. Once we determine that you are qualified for the position, I will write your federal résumé and help you apply for the job.

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